21st Century Marketing acquired by Specialist Marketing Services

Farmingdale, NY, based 21st Century Marketing, one of the main multicultural list management and list brokerage firms, has been acquired by Specialists Marketing Services, Inc. of Weehawken, N.J. full service direct marketing firm. Approximately 35% to 40% of 21st Century Marketing’s business is Multicultural (Hispanic, African-American and Asian). One of the rationales for Specialist Marketing Services to buy 21st Century Marketing is precisely its strength in Multicultural Marketing.

Asked by Portada about how the acquisition impacts the Multicultural Marketing Unit, Rick Blume, Vice President, Multicultural Marketing, at 21st Century says, “Only favorably. There will be more opportunities for us, more lists to manage and more brokerage possibilities.”

Lon Mandel, CEO & President of SMS, expressed similar sentiments, noting that "SMS and 21st are alike and complementary in many ways. We have different strengths which, when combined, will provide a complete, leading-edge direct marketing solution to our valued clients. For example, 21st has a very strong multicultural division."

The joining of the two companies will not result in any major change to the 21st Century Marketing's staff. However, the back office operation will be consolidated. According to David O. Schwartz, President and CEO of 21st Century Marketing, who founded his company in 1978, Mr. Schwartz stated "All of our account service teams and senior management will remain with the merged organization." Schwartz will assume the position of Executive Director and 21st's former Executive Vice President Janine Vosseler will become a Vice President.

Multicultural list Management/Brokerage Sector

The Multicultural list Management/Brokerage Sector has relatively few players. The amount of lists is relatively small (e.g. there are approx 800 Hispanic lists). However, as Janine Vosseler, points out these lists produce strong results for clients: “Niche lists are very good performing lists.”

21st Century Marketing, now acquired by SMS Specialists, is one the main one players in the Multicultural list Management/Brokerage Sector. Another company with a heavy emphasis on Multicultural Marketing is Estee Marketing Group. General market direct mail services (management/brokerage) firms with a sizable exposure to the Hispanic list market include Macromark and MKTG Services. Other firms, that put more emphasis in datamining Hispanic/Multicultural consumer databases, although they also manage lists, include Ethnic Technologies and Geoscape.

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