Televisa Brands Group Reorganizes U.S. Operation

Televisa Brands Group is reorganizing its U.S. operations and modifying the circulation of its magazines.

Televisa Brands Group,  the new name for Televisa Publishing and Digital,  has reorganized its U.S. sales team and modified the circulation of its Spanish-language magazines. The circulation of the monthly Vanidades USA will now be 115,000 (before it was 500,000). The circulation of entertainment monthly TV Novelas will continue to be 30,000, and will continue to have local U.S. content.  Vanidades USA will have content from the Mexican edition of the magazine as well as U.S. specialized content. “We are analyzing whether to launch new titles that meet our targeted demographic,” Leopoldo Romero, International Sales Director at Televisa Brands Group in Mexico City tells Portada.  According to Romero Televisa Brands Group  is following market trends. He adds that his company is aiming to provide content for a young audience within a strong digital and tech platform.
Televisa Brands Group, the largest Spanish-language magazine publisher in the world,  is led by Porfirio Sanchez in Mexico City.

Sales Team

Televisa Brands Group’s sales team in New York and Chicago has been let go. The Los Angeles office will continue to operate and a local strategy will be implemented soon. Televisa’s operation for panregional (Latin American) sales will continue to operate out of Miami.