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Digital Bites: Fox Sports, Spotify, IMS, Telefe

Hello friends, here we are again with some news from the digital world that keeps giving us new content and players. Enjoy!


Hello friends, here we are again with some news from the digital world that keeps giving us new content and players. Enjoy!

It’s a small world

At the end of April, I was having a leisurely lunch (?) in an exclusive restaurant in Buenos Aires, when in strolled “Fox girls” Andrea Hernandez (from Fox Colombia), along with Cristina Furelos and Cecilia La Grotta. Apparently, they were coming from the nearby Fox Sports TV studios (I guessed that from the photos they put up on their Facebook profiles that day). How nice to see you, girls! It couldn’t have worked out better if we’d planned it.

Digital man for export

It is good to explore new horizons, and even better if these new horizons are facilitated by a job that finances them. I love Rauli Rivera’s new career stage (ex-Spotify exec at IMS, recently imported by Spotify’s Brazil office). As he himself declared on the social networks we share: “5 years as a user, 3 as a partner, and now comes a new challenge in Brazil! Glad to be back.” In the end, we never had the chance to meet personally, Rauli. There will be other chances to reconnect (over caipirinhas).

IMS Immersion

I attended the IMS Immersion Argentina event, organized by IMS to share their insights on digital world trends. It was a nice opportunity to catch up with old friends, including Facu Guzman, Nancy Gomez (from IMS Mexico), Sebas Gil, Marcos Christensen, Tina Franke, Diego Cormio, Adrian Gonzalez and Nana Barragan (I hope I didn’t forget anyone). It was a nice tribal gathering.

Mobile Marketing Challenge

On Tuesday, May 9, we were at the Mobile Marketing Challenge, a breakfast organized by Headway and Appsflyer that was dedicated to mobile marketing for apps. These Headway boys do not rest.

The unstoppable influencer trend

Telefe (one of Argentina’s main television networks, currently owned by Viacom), presented “Chicas de viaje,” a reality travel show hosted by New York City expert Andy Clar. Beyond the novelty of the show, what’s interesting to observe is how TV is echoing the influencer phenomenon (a natural byproduct of social networks) and moving the concept to the television realm.

Countdown to #PortadaLat17

Portada’s annual event #PortadaLat17 will take place June 7-8 in Miami. If you still haven’t bought your tickets, or would like to know more about this fabulous way to stay connected with the world of Latin American advertising and marketing, click here.

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