VOY Provides Hispanic Content for Joost

Digital media company Voy has announced that it is partnering with Joost to provide content for Joost's IPTV service, an online TV station of sorts.

VOY's channels will be comprised of content from across Latin America and will include short films, TV series and other Latin Pop culture programming.

Fernando Espuelas, CEO and founder of VOY sees the partnership as a good fit, owing to Hispanic consumers' appetite for cutting edge technology and above average consumption of digital media.

VOY's programming will include:

  • VOY Filmmaker Showcase: Acclaimed short films, music videos and commercials made by Latinos or featuring Latinos.

  • VOY to Hollywood: features celebrity interviews, featurettes and behind-the-scenes news on movies and shows that interest Latinos.
  • Hola America!: a news magazine focused on Latino personalities who are making an impact in the United States.


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