More than 50 advertisers, including Toyota, L'Oreal and T-Mobile, signed up to run commercials on the new Hispanic TV network that premiered yesterday  in 50 cities, including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami and Houston. Mundo Fox is a joint venture between News Corp and RCN/NTN24 from Colombia. It is launching in 60 stations, representing 24 of the 25 main markets of the U.S. Hispanic market. According to Hernan Lopez, CEO of Mundo Fox. Already in late February MundoFox announced  that they had covered 40% of Hispanic households, and yesterday they launched – according to Lopez – with over 75% of reach.

MundoFox airs diverse programming in primetime but no novelas, in contrast with Hispanic broadcast behemoths Telemundo and Univision, who primarily use novellas to reach first generation Hispanics. MundoFox is trying to reach second- and third-generation Hispanics with its more diverse programming and many advertisers are hoping it can succeed because they too want to reach this younger, more bilingual audience.

Emiliano Saccone, President of Mundo Fox, who was appointed in March, told Notimex that “The key to all of this is to be one more option. I believe that’s what this market needs. Not only with Hispanic audience, but with advertisers who also need options”.
Saccone had also said to Portada’s senior correspondent, Laura Martinez in January that Mundo Fox was not going to be another Univision.

Besides the news content provided by RCN, the new channel will also have news desk  in different  LatAm countries including Mexico.


Laura has lived and worked as a journalist in Mexico, Chile, Argentina and the U.S. She was the founder and editor in chief of Marketing y Medios magazine, an English- language trade publication devoted to explaining the Hispanic market to a non-Spanish speaking audience of executives and marketers. Prior to that, she was responsible for creating and launching the Spanish-language edition of the Wall Street Journal. She was also the creator and founding editor of Entrepreneur magazine´s Spanish-language Web site She is fluent in Spanish, English and French and works as a freelance writer and editor in New York City.

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