Spanish Broadcasting System (SBS) announced that its television network Mega TV has launched a new advertising program internally referred to as "Client Integration" to help advertisers reach the growing Hispanic community and replace revenue lost from automotive spot advertising in 2009.

Developed by Mega TV's Marketing Solutions Manager Manuel Elgarresta, the program helps advertisers reach target audiences by matching them to the most relevant Mega TV shows on the network. The results of these careful "client/show" matching opportunities deliver immediate returns and very effective channels for advertisers. To date, Mega TV has found an effective platform for local real estate attorneys and plastic surgeons, financial institutions and other businesses through its new program.

The program began as a pilot project in January 2009 and within weeks, all of the available slots were filled. The initial project's success led to it being a permanent part of the range of advertising solutions being offered by SBS and Mega TV to clients.

"In today's challenging advertising market, it is critical that content producers offer creative and innovative marketing ideas to its advertising partners, and this program reflects our ability to quickly come to market with new ideas for our clients," said Manuel Elgarresta, Marketing Solutions Manager for Mega TV.

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