Kmart, Sierra Mist and State Farm to Sponsor Univision’s Upcoming Webnovela

Univision is expected to announce today that Kmart, Sierra Mist and State Farm will be incorporated into the storyline of No me hallo (I Can’t Find Myself) a webnovela starring Angélica Vale that will premiere May 16 on Univision’s and on Univision video apps for smartphones.
Executive produced by Eva Luna’s Carlos Sotomayor, No me hallo follows the travails of Luz María “Luchita” Guerra, a Mexican-American woman and former singing star that is left penniless after her husband/manager deserts her. And while viewers will be engaging with her story as she moves from job to job and tries to find herself, they will also see her enjoying –and even falling in love- with an unexpected partner: The Sierra Mist Natural, which Pepsi is positioning as a natural alternative, because it is made with 100% sugar, and not high-fructose corn syrup and artificial preservatives. Sierra Mist Natural, which will soon launch its own Hispanic campaign, will be featured in about four or five episodes, and it is the first time it is integrated in a Univision telenovela, Dieste’s group account director José Pablo Rodriguez confirmed to Portada.
No me hallo will premiere May 16 and will run as a series of five-minute webisodes launching every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Other sponsors include Kmart, which will be showcasing its Casa Cristina collection by former Univision talent Cristina saralegui, whose home collection is available at Kmart throughout the country. In addition to being featured on the novela, Kmart will host a custom online and mobile mini-site where users can participate for a chance to win cash prizes and Kmart gift cards.
Also a prominent part of the story is State Farm, which is not new to the world of Univision’s web novela. The insurance company was a main sponsor of Vidas cruzadas, the 15-episode webnovela produced by Endemol and Amistad Productions which ran at the end of 2009. In the new production, State Farm will invite users to create their very own State Farm jingle, which will be available to download on their mobile phone and participate in a trivia. As it has done in the past, a guest appearance from a State Farm agent will be woven into the story.
According to Univision, following its full run online and on mobile, No Me Hallo will premiere as a primetime special on the Univision Network.