ElHood Gets Ready for Major Content Roll-out

After months of behind-the-scenes machinations, the music centered Hispanic social networking site Elhood is ready to bring the fruits of its labor to the public.

“We signed a deal that makes us the official community of Warner Brothers music a couple of weeks ago. We have access to their entire catalog and are in the process of uploading it to our site,” says CEO Demian Bellumio. He adds that by the end of June, Elhood will have the complete catalogs of all the major record labels available to its users.

One of the site features that Elhood boasts is the user’s ability to fashion custom playlists of their favorite artists on their profile pages.  Among the musicians who are featured on the site are Alejandro Sanz and the highly-popular Miami-based group Maná.

“What’s unique about our approach with the labels, is we don’t just license the content, we become their partners. It’s a very integrated approach,” says Bellumio. “We can put very cool solutions together with advertisers. The advertiser can be a sponsor of Maná within Elhood. Version 2 that is coming out with Elhood in June takes the entire online music experience to the next level, not just in the Latin realm, but in the whole online music sphere.”

Bellumio says that Elhood will also be partnering with other sites to power their music playing capabilities.

The company has also launched a multi-faceted ad campaign, put together by Miami-based ad agency La Comunidad. The campaign will involve print, video, and online, with viral elements at its core.