Cilantro Animation Studios Shifts Focus

Cilantro Studios, the Boca Raton-based start-up which opened its doors last April, has already made a major shift in focus. The company initially set out to provide marketers with creative and compelling animations that would resonate with the Hispanic communities they were targeting. However, more recently, the company has decided to switch gears and focus on developing content for broadcast television.

One of their core beliefs is that present-day Hispanic media efforts are taking a one-size-fits-all approach, and are not getting the return that they should be as a result.

“The Spanish market has been lumped into a big bucket, and that doesn’t serve the market properly.  We’re in an age where we have to listen and analyze more carefully what the audience says,” notes Salvatore Cavalieri, president and CEO of Cilantro Animation Studios. “Who’s your audience, what is their age, what are they consuming, what are they watching, what technology are they using, where do they come from historically?  If you don’t know that, you won’t be able to stay connected to your audience and grow your market share.”

After attending a recent conference for TV executives, the Cilantro team came away convinced that broadcast TV was the right venue for their brand of Latino engagement. The company currently has a few programs under development. One is about an Incan boy named Usuy who struggles to restore humanity and decency in a society gone astray.

“One of the things we are really focusing on is facilitating delivery of this content across platforms,” says Ana Luisa Mota, Cilantro’s campaign manager. “We realize that media consumption options are becoming more numerous, and our model is to serve them as they arise.”

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