Cablevision, Latin American cable provider, has launched a premium TV subscription video-on-demand (VOD) service to subscribers.

The new service will enable Cablevision subscribers to access premium TV series and children’s programs, blockbuster studio and independent movies with the ability to pause, rewind or watch the program of their choice over again.

The service is being enabled by SeaChange International subsidiary On Demand Group (ODG), a European VOD aggregator, and SeaChange video back office software and video servers.

Cablevision launched service VOD in 2010. This particular premium launch is an expansion of the pay-per-view VOD service. The operator said that when bundled with triple-play offers, transactional VOD services can help acquire subscribers, raise ARPU and decrease churn.

ODG specializes in the aggregation, content and service management of VOD services. It offers 20 platforms in 14 countries, handling one billion VOD transactions per year in 10 different languages. ODG expects to announce further deals with other operators in Latin America over the coming months.

“VOD  service has been proven to be a key added value consumer offer that when added to broadcast and catch-up TV services, allows Cablevision to offer the consumer a total TV experience,” said Tony Kelly, CEO of ODG.


Portada Staff

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