Alvani Tunes CEO Máximo Aguirre: “Our Goal is to Become the Latin Music Library Reference to the World”

What: Máximo Aguirre Music Publishing, Inc. (MAMP) is expanding its services in the diverse world of Latin music with the launch of Alvani Tunes, a production music library dedicated to the authentic Latin sounds from around the world.
Why it matters: For Maximo Aguirre, who had worked in the Latin music industry for 40 years before launching Alvani Music, the entertainment industry was in need of a one-stop music library that offers authentic, organic music.

Alvani Tunes was created in a span of two years working very hard with producers, artists, musicians, consultants, agents, institutions and experts around the world. His objective was to offer a comprehensive library of music produced in the countries of origin, ensuring maximum quality and production value. We sat down with Máximo Aguirre, CEO of Máximo Aguirre Music Publishing and Alvani Tunes, to find out more about what makes this new offering a unique opportunity.


Portada: How did you come up with the idea to launch Alvani Tunes?

Máximo Aguirre: I have been in the Latin music industry for about four decades and specifically in music publishing for 25 years. It became evident to me that the entertainment and advertising industries needed one go-to music library. Alvani Tunes now gives clients ready access to a vast Latin Music library and experts that can help them find exactly what they need.


Portada: What is Alvani Tunes?

M.A.: Alvani Tunes is a Latin production music library designed to serve the radio, the film & TV industries, music supervisors, advertising agencies, trailer houses and video game companies. We offer production music, premium catalogs and classic songs.


Portada: What sets Alvani Tunes apart from its competitors?

M.A.: One look at the library will reveal our total focus on quality, originality, and variety. We’ve worked diligently to deliver a one-stop solution for organic and authentic Latin music.

The music featured in the library in produced in the countries of origin, giving added authenticity to any selection – for example- mariachi music has been recorded in Guadalajara, Banda in Sinaloa, Tango in Argentina and much more.


Portada: What makes Alvani Tunes’ music library such a unique opportunity?

M.A.: It’s convenient. No need to search countless libraries, you now have one go-to source for the Latin music you need.

It’s authentic. Totally organic, the music is created by top producers and musicians from the music source – Havana to Buenos Aires, through Sinaloa, Rio de Janeiro, Medellin, Lima, and Barcelona.

Remember, this is a catalog that has been 40 years in the making.


Portada: What are Alvani Music’s challenges and how does it plan to address them?

M.A.: Our goal is to become the Latin music library of reference to the world. And we are not done yet. We are programming new releases every month and on top of that, we offer 24-hour turnaround on custom original tracks.

We already have a client base. Companies and brands such as Netflix, McDonald’s, HBO, Ford, and Walmart have already utilized the music of Alvani Tunes and have used songs featured in the music library to supplement their shows, films, and commercials with authentic Latin sounds.

To find out more, head to the Alvani Tunes website by clicking here!