Nestlé USA’s Priscila Stanton: ” For La Lechera and NIDO our Target is the Hispanic Mom”

AAEAAQAAAAAAAALYAAAAJGVmNTZiZmI0LTNiNmItNGYxYy05M2Y5LWM0MTE0Zjk0YjM4OQPriscila Stanton, Senior Marketing Manager, International Brands at Nestlé USA, was a key player in the just announced partnership between Nestle and BabyCenter.  Stanton is going to be a speaker at a panel on the all-important Latina Millennial at our upcoming #Portada15 Conference. We conducted the below interview with Stanton ahead of our annual event.

Portada:Do you continue to market La Lechera specifically or also other Nestle products?
P.S:  “I manage two global brands, La Lechera and NIDO in the U.S. targeting Hispanic consumers.  Our division at Nestle, International Brands Division, focuses on bringing global brands to the US consumer.”

Portada: What role does Marketing towards Hispanic woman play within Nestle’s overall marketing organization?
P.S: “Marketing to Hispanics is very important to Nestle.  There are many brands within the Nestle portfolio that are targeting Hispanics, including general market brands.  But my team focuses on Heritage brands that resonate with the Hispanic consumer.  For both La Lechera and NIDO, our target is the Hispanic mom.”

Our division focuses on bringing global brands to the US consumer.

Portada: How has marketing for El Mejor evolved since the site was launched in 2011?
P.S: “El Mejor Nido is a multibrand site that caters towards providing recipes and how to’s to our consumers so that they can create traditional and more modern recipes using our wide range of products.  Separately, La Lechera and NIDO manage digital and social sites including Facebook and Twitter.  NIDO also has a stand-alone site –”

Portada: Is the Facebook El Mejor Nido site , currently closed?
P.S: “El Mejor Nido Facebook page is still active.”

Portada: What are, in your opinion, the key features of a successful brand marketer?
P.S: A successful brand marketer is someone who has a blend of insight, consumer empathy, curiosity, strategic thinking and marketplace and category knowledge.”

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