Teads Ad Manager: the Cookieless Platform For the Open Web

TAM is the pioneering cookieless platform of the open web, with different effective, proven and scalable solutions for the world’s biggest brands.

Teads, the global media platform announced that Teads Ad Manager (TAM), Teads’ dynamic programmatic buying platform, is the first of its category to offer advertisers and agencies the ability to activate accurate campaign targeting without cookies or device IDs.

Therefore, Teads Ad Manager (TAM) becomes the pioneering cookieless platform of the open web. This echoes the constant innovation and evolution of the platform which, by developing different effective, proven and scalable solutions for the world’s biggest brands, is leading the way for a cookieless world.

TAM, which is directly integrated with Teads’ inventory, is the first dynamic, self-serve, programmatic buying platform in the industry and ready to work in a cookieless environment. Thanks to TAM’s sustainable audience targeting, its advanced contextual segmentation and the use of its proprietary technology that allows the “translation” of cookie-based audience segments into segments based on cookieless signals, TAM is ready to offer advertisers the possibility to activate 100% cookieless campaigns. This is essential not just for the future but for today as many consumers, in some markets more than 50%, are already unreachable if cookies are used, losing huge scale for marketers.

Furthermore, within TAM clients can directly manage their targeting needs seamlessly and are able to plan and activate campaigns, generate reports and efficiently reach goals in every stage of the funnel. Practical solutions that contribute to a successful transition towards a cookieless world.

Clementina Briceño, Head de Data de Teads Latinoamérica.

“The transition towards a cookieless environment takes time and platforms that make this type of activation feasible, precise and actionable are needed. TAM revolutionizes the market by offering advertisers the possibility to launch campaigns that are 100% cookieless in just a couple of clicks, while placing brands one step closer to their main objective: Responsible Advertising”, said Clementina Briceño, Head of Data for Teads Latin America.

To summarize, the launch of the “Cookieless Mode” in TAM provides access to targeting solutions such as:

  • A cookieless audience catalog that addresses demographic segmentation and interest-based segmentation.
  • Teads Cookieless Translator: which allows converting cookie-based audiences (including 1st party data) into cookieless audiences. The tool takes the cookie-based audiences as reference and presents equivalent audiences that only differ in their identifier, without affecting the interests that connect the audience to a brand.
  • Contextual Targeting: provides access to more than 500 editorial contexts within the top and most recognized publishers in the world.
Luciana Salazar, VP Business Development de Teads Latinoamérica.

Furthermore, Luciana Salazar, VP of Business Development for Teads Latin America, added “The TAM product and business development teams are very proud of the unique solutions the platform provides. Thanks to the wide variety of commercial models used in 2nd price auction, we can offer guaranteed results that, as of today with the Cookieless Translator, are even more efficient compared to what the market has to offer. Our aim has been, and still is, to be ahead of the curve. The reward comes when we receive feedback from TAM users who highlight how efficient, instinctive and user-friendly the platform and, especially, the translator, are.”