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Mastercard and Teads Successfully Carry Out Cookieless Campaigns Across Mexico and South America


After the success of test cookieless campaigns in Mexico, similar strategies were rolled out across campaigns throughout South America, beginning with Chile and Argentina.

Teads announced the results of the first test of a cookieless campaign for Mastercard in Mexico, in partnership with media agency Carat. As the digital ecosystem transitions away from the use of third-party identifiers in Chrome, the most used browser worldwide, brands are looking to tech partners to deliver media effectiveness whilst following the need for more consumer privacy. This digital activation is the first of its kind for this brand in Latin America.

Through this campaign, carried out from May 1st to 31st of this year, Mastercard sought to position itself among debit card users as a safe and easy-to-use tool. A segmentation of two groups of audiences with similar banking interests, finances and demographic characteristics was implemented; the only difference between them was the use of cookies in one group and the cookieless segmentation in the other. The campaign reached over 10 million people in total.

Teads was in charge of selecting these audiences and carried out the analysis in both segments, which were exposed to three Mastercard ads in video and display formats.

In general, both audiences showed very similar results, with slightly improved results from the cookieless segmentation. Longer in-view time was achieved, with an average of 11.41 seconds vs. 11.37 seconds, as well as a click-through rate (CTR) of 0.39% in the cookieless ad vs. 0.38% in the ad with cookies.

The parity in metrics between both audiences is a practical demonstration of the trend foreseen by Teads: digital campaign effectiveness won’t be negatively impacted by the removal of third-party cookies, in fact, the results from cookieless campaigns are slightly better compared to worldwide standardized industry benchmarks. In this cookieless test, it was also remarkable that the effective cost per 1 million impressions (CPM) was lower for the cookieless audience, which shows a cost efficiency through the implementation of these new methodologies.

Likewise, the video ads had a 79% completion rate, 19 percentage points above the market average in Mexico. Meaning that 79% of users watched through the entirety of the ad. Meanwhile, the viewable time of the video ad reached 81.78% versus the industry benchmark in LATAM, which is 71%.

Cookieless Campaigns
Luis Araujo, VP Consumer and Experiential Marketing, Mastercard Latin America and Caribbean.

“We know that nowadays, both users and brands have gained a deeper sense of how personal data should be used in digital channels. At Mastercard, we are committed to adopting new technologies that allow us to increase security measures for the purpose of handling our consumers’ privacy. This has made us carefully assess alternative platforms that do not rely on the use of third-party cookies or device IDs for building our audiences. For this reason, we are proactively developing pilot tests in partnership with companies such as Teads to gain a better understanding on the best way to navigate this transition to a “cookieless” world, putting respect for privacy first and foremost, while optimizing the quality and efficiencies of our amplification plans”, commented Luis Araujo, VP Consumer and Experiential Marketing, Mastercard Latin America and Caribbean.

Cookieless Campaigns
Andrés Castillo, Regional Client Lead at Carat.

“Placing artificial intelligence and media platforms such as Teads’ at the center, which evolve with the purpose of activating campaigns beyond cookies, triggers powerful insights that are at the centerline of the patterns that we are identifying, understanding and executing in each one of our results. It is possible to live without cookies, but we need to start testing audiences identified under other methods and we need to be better prepared in order to shift this situation in our favor”, commented Andrés Castillo, Regional Client Lead at Carat.

As a global media platform that acts as a liaison among brands, advertisers and content platforms, Teads has analyzed and implemented new tools for measuring and monitoring the efficiency of campaigns, which segment users without third-party cookies and, in this case, has tested the successful implementation of a campaign aimed at debit and credit card users.

cookieless campaigns
Eric Tourtel, CEO Latin America at Teads

“Today, we have planned cookieless tests with over 50 advertisers worldwide who want to check the effectiveness of these types of campaigns and who will be transforming the future of the digital advertising landscape with us”, commented Eric Tourtel, CEO Latin America at Teads. “Mastercard has been agile in putting this new way of audience segmentation to the test, proving that the cookieless era will not wait until 2023, but instead, it is here already, and it has the same efficiency as traditional segmentation, and in some cases better results”.

Thanks to the results in this first campaign, Mastercard has announced the implementation of the same type of campaign in other Latin American countries in partnership with Teads. New tests are currently underway in other South American countries.

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April, 10, 2025

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