inQmatic’s Marcelo Rodriguez: Understanding Customers’ Needs Comes ‘First’ in the Digital Marketing World

What: inQmatic’s CEO Marcelo Rodriguez tells Portada how his fintech startup is using sophisticated data- and consumer-knowledge content strategies to disrupt the lending market to under-capitalized Hispanic businesses.
Why it matters: inQmatic’s successful knowledge-driven digital marketing content strategy has won it a place at the table connecting under-capitalized Hispanic businesses with lenders. Rodriguez will share the details of how inQmatic is capturing this specific cultural market segment at #PortadaNYData on April 3.

Technology is on the tip of the tongue of every brand marketer struggling to decide which tools to use in the rapidly evolving world of digital marketing. Video, AI, VR, social media, Google search…the list of options grows endless. But at the end of the day, you have to understand your customer’s needs first before deploying digital technology so as to deliver exactly the right content to your specific market segment, according to fintech startup inQmatic CEO Marcelo Rodriquez.

Portada recently caught up with Rodriquez to ask him to provide a preview of his participation at #PortadaNYData on April 3 when he will discuss of how inQmatic has successfully captured the attention and trust of Hispanic businesses often overlooked by financial institutions in the US and under-capitalized as a result.

Our business ecosystem, which encompasses a lending platform, education program and networking opportunities, allows responsible lenders, educational institutions and business services companies to access the Spanish-speaking market in an efficient manner.”

inQmatic’s Marcelo Rodriguez, CEO, will be a featured speaker at #PortadaNYData on April 3 where he will provide insights into how inQmatic takes deep knowledge of the Hispanic small business market to guide digital marketing and communications to capture the market for lenders.

Portada: What does inQmatic do to identify this under-banked, Spanish-speaking target market?

MR: When it comes to the Hispanic market, we have 15 years’ worth of research. This deep knowledge of the Spanish-speaking small business market allows us to structure not only the content for them but also loans focused on their needs. It’s an under-served market with an opportunity gap of $1.67 trillion dollars per year.

Portada: How did inQmatic come to its deep understanding of the needs of this market?

MR: We developed a complete study on the financial behavior and business educational needs of the Hispanic market, which allows us to structure specialized content for our potential clients. In a digital marketing world, the first thing to plan a successful market campaign is to understand the customer and to learn what exactly it is that they need. So, we start from the understanding their business needs then we deploy a full-blown education campaign to get their trust. That is the most difficult part, to get people to trust you in an environment where they have been taken advantage of.

Portada: What makes inQmatic’s way of identifying customers different from say the lenders that also want to identify those targets?

MR: The constant communication and becoming their business influencer is our main goal. We want to become the go-to advisor for all their business needs. So, we need partners that understand the consumers. We have Ecuadorian, Dominicans, Colombian, Mexican accountants, lawyers, bankers, associations that understand not only the US laws and regulations but the cultural aspects so we can have an honest conversation with our customers and help them better.

Portada: What technologies and tools does inQmatic use to successfully reach this market segment?

MR: Our main process is very simple: We use Google trends and Google keyword tools to find out general business loans terms. Then, we cross-reference these terms with Facebook Audience and Google PPC to decide what type of content will have the best return. Our business model is very simple: the cost to acquire a customer is ten-times lower than in the general market. We can then invest those savings on conversion.

Portada: Can you share some of the more technical aspects of your marketing, like the specific tools you use?

MR: Our tech stack is made up of: Google Suite for Productivity, WordPress as a CMS, Copper for CRM, MailChimp for email marketing, SpyFu for competitive research, Smartsheets for Project Management, Google Ads for SEM, Facebook, Instagram Ads Platform, Google Analytics for analytics, Google Optimize for Optimization, and Google Data Studio for BI.