Nielsen Launches Diverse Media Equity Program

In recent times, businesses have recognized the importance of supporting diverse-owned media as part of corporate social responsibility efforts. Yet, they face structural barriers that prevent them from receiving funding from advertisers and benefactors and covering the perspectives and issues that matter to their communities. Elevating diverse media organizations is important now, more than ever before.

Here’s what Nielsen is doing to support diverse-owned media:

  • Nielsen is launching a Diverse Media Equity Program that aims to increase the visibility of diverse-owned media companies with advertisers and agencies.
  • Nielsen and Procter & Gamble have created a fund that will help over 200+ diverse-owned media receive Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) certification.
  • They are also increasing a new report showing the power of diverse-owned media’s influence, particularly in local markets.

Nielsen launched its Diverse Media Equity program designed to elevate the visibility of diverse-owned media companies with advertisers and agencies. The comprehensive initiative includes measurement of diverse media historically excluded from media measurement, funding certification fees of diverse-owned media, as well as the launch of the first-ever report on diverse media reach and audience profiles.

diverse-owned media
David Kenny, CEO, Nielsen

“Nielsen is investing in diverse owned media by getting rid of historical barriers in traditional measurement,” said David Kenny, CEO, Nielsen. “Advertisers and the media industry recognize the need to be more inclusive and want to ensure they reach an audience that is increasingly diverse. We are leading the charge to develop a consistent framework and metrics to help demonstrate the value of diverse owned media.”

In collaboration with P&G, Nielsen also seeds a $130K reimbursement program with the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) to help cover the certification fees for diverse owned media suppliers who qualify. The fund, which will be administered by the NMSDC, will aim to provide nearly 200+ diverse publishers the benefits of Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) certification, frequently required by large companies to qualify for diverse investment.

With the demand for ad time on diverse owned networks greater than ever, the need for equitable resources and information is more critical for many of these local businesses. Canela Media, a Latina owned media company who is part of Nielsen’s pilot initiative, started with one measured campaign and increased to five in just one week after signing on.

Isabel Rafferty, Founder & CEO of Canela Media, said she is excited about Nielsen’s commitment to bringing more visibility and support to minority owned businesses. “Our partnership with Nielsen has enabled us to deliver the granular level of transparency and measurement our clients demand. Nielsen has been a tremendous partner; they understand our business and offer us valuable insight for campaign optimization and advertising efficacy.”

As part of the new initiative, Nielsen releases the Diverse owned Media Audience Reach and Profiles report. The report is the first of many to highlight the power of viewership and listenership to diverse owned media, spotlighting the influence in smaller local markets where Black owned television stations reach as much as 41% of all adults and Black owned radio reaches more than 1.2 million people 12+.

Additional diverse audience profiles add texture showing increasingly intersectional reach with local audiences:

  • Hispanic-owned local TV reaches 61% of viewers 18+ in markets ranked 101+ where they are present including 24% of Asian Americans, 33% of Blacks and 39% of Hispanic viewers
  • Asian American-owned local TV stations, where they are present, in markets 1-48 reach more than 200,000 adults 18+
  • Native American-owned radio reaches nearly 800,000 listeners across the U.S.with listeners spending almost 7 hours a week on average in metros ranked 51-100

“As an industry, we are just beginning to recognize the power and importance of diverse owned media. That’s why we’re proud to work with Nielsen to create more equitable support systems,” says Carlos Santiago, ANA’s Alliance for Inclusive Multicultural Marketing (AIMM) Co-Founder. “The report data gives media buyers a view into the impact of diverse media and will facilitate increased investment from media agencies and major advertisers.”

The report findings are powered by Media Framework’s MAVEN Diversity, the most advanced and accurate database and platform for diverse media vendor discovery in the U.S., for diverse media vendors on minority media vendors in U.S. media, will identify the diverse owned suppliers through its MAVEN suite of services product.

“Identifying diverse suppliers for opportunities for investment is central to our business and what we are most passionate about”, said Kathleen Coffey, CEO Media Framework. “We are pleased to be part of a powerful collaboration that will drive value for brands and diverse media owners.”

For more information on the Diverse Media Equity Initiative and access to the latest Diverse-owned Media Audience Reach and Profiles report visit: