Consumer Insights Roundup: Hispanics See More Movies than Average Consumers, Margaritas Are the Most Popular Cocktail…

What: A summary of the most relevant consumer insight research in the US, US Hispanic, and Latin American markets.
Why it matters: If you’re trying to keep up with the latest happenings, this is your one-stop shop.


  • According to research by MRI-Simmons and E-Poll, Hispanics aged 18 and above are 36% more likely to see at least one movie a month than the average moviegoer in the U.S. In addition, one out of 5 Hispanic moviegoers prefer to see a new movie on opening weekend; this makes them 69% more likely to do so compared to the average moviegoer nationwide. Hispanics also are 77% more likely to watch a full-length movie on their smartphone, and the top three genres among Hispanic moviegoers are Action/Adventure, Comedy, and Drama.


  • Nielsen CGA found that the best-selling cocktail across the U.S. is the margarita, followed by the martini, the old-fashioned, and the mimosa. Consumers say they’re willing to spend more per drink in the evening and night timeframes, when the average cocktail costs $9.75 and $10, respectively, versus $8.50 in the morning and $8 in the afternoon.


  • A new survey by investment firm Baird revealed that a small number of consumers are interested in subscribing to an Apple streaming service. The survey included 1,500 American consumers who expressed their insights on upgrading their iPhones. While 67% of respondents said they are planning to purchase new smartphones from Apple, only 18% of the surveyed consumers said they had “some interest” in subscribing to Apple’s streaming service if it gets launched.


  • According to a survey by Adobe Analytics, a third of the 1,000+ American consumers surveyed in January had heard an ad on a smart speaker before, while a third of that subset found that ads playing on smart speakers are less intrusive and more engaging than ads on television, print, online and social media. In addition, 38% of consumers say that their smart speaker experience would be enhanced with a touchscreen, and 64% report keeping a smart speaker in the living room and 46% in the bedroom.


  • Stackla recently surveyed 1,590 consumers and 150 B2C marketers from the U.S., UK and Australia, and found that a staggering 90% of consumers said that authenticity is important when deciding which brands they like and support. An overwhelming 92% of marketers believe that most or all of the content they create resonates as authentic with consumers. Yet the majority of consumers disagree, with 51% saying less than half of brands create content that resonates as authentic.