Conffianz’s CEO Peter Snitzer: “By Including More User Generated Content We Increased Conversion to Sales by 60%”



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Portada interviewed Conffianz’s CEO Peter Snitzer, who will be participating in the MULTICULTURAL SHOPPERS panel at Portada17 this Thursday September 14 in New York City’s Yotel.


Portada: Tell us about Conffianz
P.S: “Conffianz, is the leading Latina-focused skincare brand in the U.S. We provide affordable skin care products that are just below prescription strength so all Latinas can feel beautiful and have the confidence they need to face the world every day. A portion of sales goes back into the Hispanic community through our ‘Inexplicablemente Bella’ scholarship program.”

Portada: Conffianz exclusively targets the Hispanic population in the U.S. What are the key features you think a marketer specialized in Hispanic audiences in the U.S. needs to have (in order to be successful)?
P.S: “It is important to recognize that while U.S. Hispanics share a cultural connection, there is significant diversity in subgroups and in what influences their purchase behavior. Specific to the Conffianz customer, she cares primarily about efficacy and service. She is also more likely to value an endorsement from a friend or family member than from a branded marketing campaign. By knowing our customer and what is important to her, we shifted our social content strategy to include more user-generated content, especially before and after stories, and saw a 92% increase in reach and a 60% increase in conversion to sales as compared to product benefit or lifestyle related content.”

Portada: What role does e-commerce play for Conffianz and how are its marketing strategies aligned with its e-commerce goals?
P.S: “While mass merchandisers continue to be the top destination for Hispanics purchasing cosmetics and skincare, e-commerce continues to grow and represents a huge opportunity for brands that understand how to create a positive digital UX experience that includes purchase. Our online customers are more integrated with our brand as they interact with our content and we then work very hard to cultivate a relationship by simply treating every customer as if she were our own family member.”

Portada: We understand you do a lot of Direct Response Marketing, how do you do it and through which media?
P.S: “We still use traditional TV, Radio and Print. However the digital channel has become more and more important to us over the past few years. We find that our DR marketing efforts also help drive brand awareness which leads to a lift in sales in our brick and mortar retailers like Walmart.”