Zenith Optimedia Branches Out with a New Hispanic Direct Marketing Agency

Joe Shain was appointed as the new CEO of ZenithOptimedia Multicultural Direct (ZOMD), a new multicultural, primarily Hispanic oriented, marketing division introduced by Zenith Optimedia Direct. Portada® interviewed Shain last week.

Q: How many employees are employed in Zenith Optimedia Multicultural Direct?

A: “We are launching the new unit with Managing Director Len Sherman at the helm. Sherman will have a team of 5 people. In addition, we have the support of the team in Zenith Optimedia Direct.”

Q: What clients will you be working with?

A: “Zenith Optimedia Direct offers direct marketing services to clients including Hewlett-Packard Co., Abbott Labs, Schering-Plough, AstraZeneca, Aventis, T-Mobile, JP Morgan Chase and Curves International (Curves for Women Fitness Centers). Some of these clients may be interested in pursuing Hispanic direct marketing programs. Curves for Women, a fitness franchise, is also interested in targeting Hispanics via direct marketing. We are actively seeking clients targeting the Hispanic market via direct mail, broadcast and print and Internet.”

Q: How do you see the opportunities for direct response through print advertising in the Hispanic market?

A: “I think that print is strong. It's a function of how many publications exist for the marketplace. We do Newspaper FSI's for the general market. We don't do them yet for the Hispanic market, but I am sure we will. Some categories, like financial, are particularly suitable for direct mail. Direct mail bodes well where there is more information available for the consumer to look through. We are going to be media neutral. The beauty of direct response is that research is part of the campaign itself, because you are getting a response for each media.”

Q: In what categories do you see the most growth potential in terms of direct marketing to Hispanics?

A: “Financial services, Activation of new Credit Card customers, Direct to Consumer insurance companies, Mortgages, Health. However, often we find that corporations still lack the infrastructure to target Hispanics like a Spanish-speaking sales force."

Q: In what way are the techniques to target Hispanics different to the techniques used in the general market?

A: “An offer targeting the general market may not be that easily understood by Hispanics. It may need to be explained more clearly. Since credit card penetration is lower, offers may need more check payments as opposed to credit card payments. Additionally, the message needs to be culturally relevant.”