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New study affirms Hispanic responsiveness to Direct Mail.


A recent study conducted by Vertis Communications highlights just how responsive Hispanics are toward direct mail, showing that a full 71% of all Hispanics who receive direct mail read it.

But beyond simply reading the direct mail they receive, the study revealed that 64 percent of Hispanic recipients actually responded in the last 30 days via mail, phone, in person or online.

Interesting to note was the finding that Hispanics who are more likely to buy natural products are least likely to respond via traditional mail.  One explanation for this is that those who display significant interest in the make-up of the products they consume are often more educated than those who do not, and are therefore more likely to communicate via email than their less computer-savvy counterparts.

The same Vertis study said that Spanish-dominant Hispanics have a less favorable reaction to store-brand products than do bi-lingual Hispanics, with only 61% of the Spanish-dominants expressing a favorable view of store-brand products, compared with 78% of more acculturated Hispanics expressing a favorable view of these products.

When considered together, these findings suggest an opportunity for store brands to market to Spanish-dominant Latinos in Spanish to win them over as consumers.

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