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  • MIKE CANO, Hispanic Sales and Marketing Consultant

“Hispanic Publishing Has a Great Future”

“Sharp Hispanic publishers must learn to better leverage and sell their "total audience" reach to local and national advertisers. In order to accomplish this, Hispanic publications must position themselves as "media companies" that include multiplatform solutions for advertisers."

  • LOIDA ROSARIO, Marketing Faculty Member, DePaul University

"Seamlessly Hispanic, Seamlessly American"

"Communication cannot be accomplished without acknowledgement. Just as corporations are learning with African Americans and other consumer groups, Hispanics, regardless of the level of acculturation or place of birth, are more likely to listen if they feel acknowledged."

  • BILL VINCENT, Executive director of Vincent Global Connections

"The Election, The Tea Party, Hispanic Media and Bullies"

"I found myself wondering two things: 1.) Just how many "closet" conservatives are there among socalled Hispanic leaders? Almost everyone in my family is conservative, and they're getting increasingly bolder. 2.) Do Democrats REALLY have an ideological hold on Hispanics, or do they merely bully influential groups (including media) into Democrat Party allegiance?"

  • JOSE CERVERA, Journalist, Teacher and Portada Contributor

"We are all immigrants"

"Welcome to cyberspace, where the oppressed, the persecuted, the unpopular and the ugly, find shelter; where every human being has the chance to be who he or she really is, regardless of gender, age, race or religion."



“The New York DMA – Not just New York City"

"One in 10 US Hispanics call the "NY" DMA home, but this doesn't mean they live in New York City.  There are 4 million Hispanics in the NY DMA – but 40% of those -1.55 million Hispanics – actually live in NJ. Almost Half of the Hispanics in this All-Important Market Live in NJ."

  • LORI MADDEN, Author of "Deciphering the Latino

Consumer: A Guide for Employers, Professionals, Retailers and Business Travelers"

"Marketing to Hispanics- Avoid These Five Common Misconceptions"

Misconception #1: Hispanics are one homogeneous group.

Misconception #2: Hispanic families have lots of children.

Misconception #3: Hispanics share the same priorities as Anglo-Americans.

Misconception #4: All Latin American immigrants are poor, uneducated and untrained.

Misconception #5: Hispanics don't spend much money here in the U.S.


  • ANITA GRACE, National and Strategic Ad Exec for La Voz Arizona, Excelsior, Orange County and La Prensa Riverside/San Bernardino

"LA DMA: Your Target is broader than just LA County"

"Instead of duplicating your message by running 2 or 3 newspapers who target the same reader, move some of those funds where your reach is NOT duplicated."