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The Sounding Off column, published on provides a platform to experts to explain ideas, trends and innovations and their value to the marketplace. Here is a summary of what some of our recent columnists had to say.

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Media Director at DMG Solutions

“Mobile's Calling. What's it Saying?”

“Marketers are missing the largest opportunity to create loyal consumers since the invention of the coupon:

PEW finds that 93% of all adults 18-39 have a mobile phone

80% of Hispanics in the same age bracket have one

According to Comscore, there are 72.8 million mobile internet users, up 31% since a year ago, with the majority of the growth (111%) coming from smartphones, which grew from 17.8 to 37.6 million in just one year

E-Marketer finds that there are 85.5 million internet users, who account for 27.6% of the population.Well… people like texting: according to PEW, 72% of all adults currently send and receive text messages. More importantly:

According to Deloitte, 53% of smartphone users already compare prices using their phones

44% already use them to get coupons and discounts

Harris Interactive found that 33% of mobile users with children would like to receive alerts from their favorite merchants.

That 69% of parents with smart phones are interested in grocery coupons and promotions… but only 2% actually get them.

The same poll found that 52% of these parents would like to get fast food menus and promos

And 51% would like to get electronic goods and promos.

Yep. Mobile's calling. And it's saying “Coupons!”


Head of Office & Regional Planning Director at Activ@ mente

“Internet Does Not Mean Digital”

“The web has become nothing more than a platform”


Strategy Consultant at Ethnic Technologies

“The American Financial Dream – Anything is Possible; or is it?”

“In the past, consumer and business multi-cultural profiles have not been fully leveraged. Risk management, marketing, location and staffing are all impacted and can leverage data and work together… Why doesn't every financial institution at least have Hispanic Literature?”


Vice President Operations at Omni Direct, Inc.

“Looking to delve into the Flourishing U.S. Hispanic Market?”

“Through a recent matchback study, we discovered that although a product's Hispanic target audience was most effectively reached through Spanish-language campaigns, the majority of internet sales for these products were being sold via the product's English-language site rather than its Spanish-language site.”


CEO of The Media Maquiladora

“Influence Alchemy: Science or Witchcraft?”

“One of the most important aspects of the whole endeavor is in content development. In effect, many companies are going to have to become publishers, in a sense, in order to cultivate and maintain a following. If that is true, there will be a greater and greater emphasis placed on marketing partners that understand content development and message management.”


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