What? Yahoo has acquired the content delivery network provider PeerCDN.
Why it matters? Bandwidth costs may be reduced as PeerCDN delivers site resources via a peer-to-peer network of people using WebRTC.

Content delivery network provider PeerCDN has been acquired by Yahoo. The startup’s project is based on real-time communication tech WebRTC so that visitors to sites can do things like chat via text or video while browsing without any additional software.

PeerCDN’s tech delivers site resources like images, videos and downloads via a peer-to-peer network of people currently visiting a website using WebRTC. This reduces some bandwidth costs of the website provider by letting visitors share the burden.

Yahoo’s recent mail’s outages affected some of users for a period of time. If that error was due to server capacity, this new tech could help. It could also be useful with native Yahoo audio and video content.

Providing a lot of media content is a bandwidth issue, and the point of PeerCDN’s network is to defray that cost away from the content provider’s servers.

For Yahoo the small startup’s three-person engineering team will complement the company.

Deal’s terms were not disclosed.

Source: Techcrunch


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