Yahoo!en Español is launching a new customizable homepage. With the new homepage, people can easily add apps – from Yahoo! en Español or any site on the Web – and access them from their computer or mobile device in their language of choice.

The new customizable Yahoo! en Español homepage lets people check out the latest news, sports, entertainment via a centralized site.

“It’s certainly a priority for Yahoo! to place U.S. Hispanics squarely at the center of, and in control of, their Web experience,” said Armando Rodríguez, General Manager, Yahoo! Hispanic Americas. “Yahoo! en Español allows people to harness the ever-expanding Web, making it more personal than ever.”

New features of the Yahoo! en Español homepage include:

  • Yahoo! Sites and My Favorites
  • App Maker Using technology developed by Yahoo!, U.S. Hispanics can easily create their own app on the fly by adding virtually any URL of their choice.
  • Trending Now – A new snapshot of the most popular searches from around the Web.
  • PC-to-Mobile Sync –People can continue their Yahoo! experience on-the-go with a more seamless PC-to-mobile integration. Many new apps added to the Yahoo! homepage on the PC can be added to the mobile homepage.
  • News, for You – Local news and the choice to toggle the news module to the top of the page offer easier ways to access the news that matters most. 
  • Social Updates – U.S. Hispanics who use both Yahoo! and Facebook can link their accounts and view and share updates with friends across both networks. People who connect their accounts can see their Facebook news feed on the Yahoo! en Español homepage and share their Facebook status with friends directly from the homepage. Similar integration with Twitter is coming soon.

This new homepage experience represents the most significant change to the Yahoo! en Español homepage since the company’s inception. All U.S. Hispanic users can visit Yahoo! en Español homepage,


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