Client: Knorr (Unilever)
Agency: Media 8

Marketing Objective:

The goal for the Knorr brand is to inspire the consumer to prepare great rice dishes using Knorr products.
The ultimate goal is for consumers to prepare one additional recipe each month. is a great resource providing a great variety of recipes that send the senses on new, extraordinary and stimulating eating experiences.

Target Audience:

Hispanic female, 25-49 years old, who prefers to communicate in Spanish, has children, and is overall less acculturated.

The Knorr core consumer receives the majority of her information from Spanish-language sources but also through some English language messages. Believes fresh is best. She is not only a housewife, she also could be working out of the home, but caring for her family is still her priority. Proud of her food, the taste and the quality she delivers to feed her family.

Media 8 discovered that Knorr Hispanic consumers connects to values via food, which creates linkage to family and good times. Food is about great sensory experiences and Media 8 was able to engage the consumer in the Knorr food experience in this way. Rice is a basic ingredient across Hispanic kitchens and in 2009 rice was made the focus of all communications with Knorr consumers.


A yearlong activation that offers Knorr consumers recipes, tips and ideas to increase their usage of Knorr for everyday meal occasions and enables families to further enjoy their eating experiences through the following:

> Extensive recipes database
> Cooking tips from Chef Marcela Valladolid
> Variety of video recipes, with step by step cooking instructions
> Monthly Knorr Secrets E-Newsletter containing recipe suggestions, everyday ideas, tips and product highlights according to the month and season.
> Knorr product information
> Interaction with the brand via My Great Rice game

Supporting Media Plan:

Online media campaigns, including display media and search engine marketing campaigns, run throughout the year to support and continue to drive targeted consumers to the site.

Portada Staff

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