Where do Hispanic Portals Source their Content?

Hispanic portals provide a vast amount of content on a wide array of topics. Here they reveal where they source this content:

MSN Latino: We publish news content from AP, Efe and Reuters mainly.

[For other material] we have content partners like Fox Sports en Espanol, Billboard Latin Music, Astrocentro, Latina Magazine and Match.com.

StarMedia: We work with several wire companies like Agencia Efe, Associated Press, Notimex, etc… Also we have our own journalist team than produce news for entertainment, sports, woman among other Starmedia Channels. Content is key for us so we focus a lot in create a unique and useful content for our users.

Cyloop: Most of our content is Artist-generated content as opposed to user-generated content. We will be deploying our news service in the US in December with our own original content, as well as will Billboard (we have the right to translate all news and charts to Spanish and Portuguese).  We will also work with feeds, such as Notimex, Reuters, AP, EFE, etc.  In Spain, we already work with all the feeds and produce our own content, you can see it at cyloop.terra.es.

Batanga: All of our content is produced in house.

Terra Networks: We work with a lot of content providers/wire services, eg. Reuters, AP, EFE, BBC. Others include Azteca America, Cosmo en Espanol, GolTV, Fodors, etc.