What Readers look for online

“Routes to success for consumer magazine websites”, a survey of 71 succesful consumer magazine websites conducted by the International Federation of the Periodical Press, found interesting conclusions on what attracts these new audiences who don’t see the print issue of the magazines.


Acording to the survey, “reduced to its simplest, it is content which is designed to work best in a web environment-time critical information, interactive content,-searchable databases and archives, and personalized content. Time-critical information was mentioned by many respondents includes news on the subject area-updated daily in some cases. Online classified advertising was a pull for several sites. The ability to sign up for free electronic newsletters was mentioned by several respondents as being an attractive feature. Interactive content includes online gaming, quizzes, competitions,  polls, bulletin boards and e-commerce.

Respondents were also asked to write down the principal lessons they would like to pass on about developing and operating a website strategy and gave the following advice: Recognise that online is a totally different product from print. Don’t just pour the magazine into your site; Maximise the interaction between print and online; Ensure you update the online information quickly enough, as this is a key complementary factor compared with magazines; Updates need to be daily, or at least every second day.

The 71 respondents of the survey included Meredith Corporation, Reader’s Digest (US and Mexico), Editorial Televisa (Mexico), Editorial Atlantida (Argentina), Grupo Zeta (Spain), MP Ediciones (Argentina).