For those unfamiliar with, the site is essentially a daily clearing-house for all Latino-related news and information. Run single-handedly by new media specialist Tomas Custer, the site divides its content into different categories, including: Top Stories, Tomas’ Picks, Eye Openers, Did You Know, and Business and Entertainment news.

When asked which content gets the most page views, Custer told Portada that the site draws readers from two distinct groups; one, which is comprised of searchers looking for specific news in search engines, and another, which is the site’s regular readers.

Custer notes, “Search accounts for about 85% of traffic with Google holding at 75%— basically, ranking well in Google is all-important. HispanicTips was visited via 54,437 different keywords in 30 days with 59k pages indexed by Google.” He says that this group is  most interested in entertainment news: “A post about Luis Miguel is quite popular and when the K-paz singer was killed in Mexico my traffic rose amazingly,” notes Custer.

Among the site’s regular readers, the content that gets the most page-views are the top stories, essentials and Tomas’ picks. “[Stories about] immigration and politics lead the pack, but don't let that fool you,” says Custer “the [story about the Mexican donkey that was jailed] a while back was number one for the day.”


Portada Staff

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