In the wake of Telemundo’s announcement last week that it will merge its digital media and mobile operations under a new Digital Media and Emerging Businesses division, many are wondering how things will change as a result.

According to a source at the company, the answer is: They won’t, really. Asked how Yahoo! Telemundo is going to be organized under the new unit, Yahoo! spokesperson Lourdes de la Torrientes told Portada, “Yahoo! Telemundo venture will remain the same.  There will continue to be teams on both Yahoo! and Telemundo sides managing the property.”

De la Torrientes added, “Telemundo is still part of the Yahoo! network; it is one of the seven properties included in the Yahoo! Hispanic Americas group, which include:  Yahoo! Telemundo, Y! Argentina, Y! Mexico, Y! Chile, Y! Peru, Y! Colombia and Y! Venezuela.

Jay Van der Zee, National Sales Director, U.S. Hispanic, Yahoo! will have the same duties moving forward. In addition, Jose Rivera Font and Peter Blacker will still have joint responsibilities when it comes to the Yahoo! Telemundo property (, following Blacker’s appointment as Executive Vice President Digital Media and Emerging Businesses for Telemundo.

The move will not impact Yahoo’s Latin American Properties according to Ms. De la Torrientes.

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