Spanish company Weblogs, which currently publishes MotorPasion and tRrendencias in Brazil, plans to launch 4 to 6 new publications this year in the Latin American market. The company’s expansion plans are a direct result of the Internet’s dizzyingly rapid growth in this market, and especially of ad spending in digital media, says Julio Alonso, founder and CEO of Weblogs, This was the reason behind the company’s launch a year ago of the two abovementioned publications, following a concept already developed in Spain that is halfway between a blog and an online publication.

"According to Nielsen, our publications currently draw a total of about 14 million unique users, and approximately 30% to 35% of that traffic comes from Latin American markets,” says Alonso. "However, we’re still not marketing our sites there because we believe those markets —with the exception of Brazil— are not yet sufficiently developed ad-wise." For this reason, the company’s medium term investment strategy is to capture traffic from these countries for its Spain-made blogs.

Brazil is a separate case. Ad spending there is already similar to that in Spain (600 to 700 million euros), and then there is the issue of a different language. For this reason, Weblogs decided to establish a presence in that country and develop country-specific publications. Now, besides working on the launch of new media, Weblogs is developing its own publishing platform and is seeking someone to oversee the operation, a task that until now has been headed by Francesco Cardi, Director of New Business.

Weblogs currently owns nearly forty publications, including 7 with over one million unique users (Xataca, Genbeta, Bebés y más, tRendencias, Directo al paladar, VidaExtra and MotorPasion). 


Portada Staff

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