Voxy, a language-learning service that turns real-world content into personalized language lessons, just announced a new Series A investment of US $2.8million, Techcrunch reports. The series is funded by Seavest Inc, ff Venture and Contour Ventures.

Former Batanga employee Olivia Maloney recently joined Voxy as VP of Business Development.
Voxy belongs to a group of companies who provide different offerings to the Hispanic demographic mostly through the mobile phone; the group also includes Edioma and Lexicon Marketing, although the latter is less mobile phone based.

The mobile (ad) space has been receiving a lot of attention lately by investors, both financial and strategic. Last week mobile ad network Hipcricket, which also has a Hispanic mobile ad network was acquired for US $44.5 million by New York City based mobile marketing company Augme Technologies.

Latin America expansion

Voxy just launched an iPhone app which teaches English to Portuguese users (thus far all its offerings have been English to Spanish users).”We believe that in many developing markets people will be leapfrogging browser-based applications in favor of mobile devices” Voxy founder Paul Gollash tells Techcrunch.

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