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VOXXI partners with Interactive ONE for Sales and Content Development

English-language Hispanic site VOXXI is partnering with Interactive One, which will have the exclusive sales representation of its inventory. Both companies will also develop new digital content.


What: VOXXI is partnering with Interactive One, which will have the exclusive sales representation of its inventory. Both companies will also develop new digital media content.
Why it matters: This is the first time that two media organizations catering to the two largest minorities (Hispanics and  African-Americans)  form a sales, marketing and content partnership.

VOXXI, an independent English language website for U.S. Latinos, is partnering with urban media company Interactive ONE (IONE) to develop new programming, product and other digital services to capture the U.S. Hispanic and multicultural markets. The partnership also involves marketing and sales support, leveraging Interactive One’s sales force and VOXXI’s market expertise. Emilio Sanchez, CEO and Editor in Chief of VOXXI, tells Portada that “Interactive ONE has the exclusive sales representation of our sites and our inventory will be included in the portfolio of the  Interactive ONE sales force.” The agreement also includes VOXXI’s health site Saludify. According to Sanchez, VOXXI will continue to have a sales team that will work closely with IONE. We are going to join forces and use our expertise of the Latino Market to increase our presence around the country. IONE will allow us to increase our reach and opportunities to get more revenues. Of course, we will continue our mission to produce relevant content for our audience. We will be sure that we respond to the needs of the US Latinos and the multicultural US population attracted to Hispanic culture. Finding the right tone with a very talented team is a key part of our vision to define and defend the identity of a vibrant community.”

Interactive ONE, a unit of Radio One, owns more than 60 online media brands, mostly in the African-American and urban markets.IONE’s portfolio also includes  Hispanic lifestyle site and Latino social networking site

“Interactive One is pleased to join forces with VOXXI to help inform such a critical segment of the nation’s New Urban population,” said Tom Newman, President of Interactive One. “VOXXI and Saludify are vital sources of information for U.S. Latinos, and we are looking forward to helping them grow stronger and prosper.”

In addition to VOXXI and Saludify, Interactive One Studios’ roster of partners includes Russell Simmons’, NBC News’, Tom Joyner’s and more than 50 Radio One radio station sites across the U.S.

No Editorial Integration

“We are not planning any kind of integration with either sites, but of course we can establish a strong cooperation for the mutual benefit,” Sanchez says. ” We can promote our content into the several sites owned by IONE to increase our traffic and presence. We will continue defending our audience; Latinos are changing and increasing their influence in America and we will fill the tremendous void in the mainstream media, which portrays Latinos stereotypically and superficially.Our goal is to produce as much multimedia content as possible, audio or video. In fact, very soon we will be increasing our own original video production to have our content in multiple formats.”





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