Voxxi launches Saludify, bets on Vertical Site Strategy

Voxxi, the site targeting bicultural Latinos, is introducing a new health site called Saludify.com. The site is designed to provide Latinos with daily news and content to live a better life and improve their health.  “With this new site we show our commitment to catapulting Latino health issues to the forefront of American dialogue. Saludify is another building block in our strategy to serve Latino interests in specific niches,” Emilio C. Sanchez, president of La VOX Media Group, parent company of Saludify and Voxxi, tells Portada. Saludify has tapped a network of Latino health and fitness experts and bloggers to cover important topics.

The competition between digital media properties targeting bicultural Hispanics is fierce and Voxxi is going to

Emilio Sanchez, President and Founder, Voxxi
Emilio Sanchez, President and Founder, Voxxi

differentiate itself by introducing sites that target different verticals, Sanchez says. “We are adopting a vertical strategy and will be launching targeted niche sites to offer advertisers very desirable audiences,” says Sanchez.  Voxxi’s reality is the one of most digital media properties: Banner ads are mostly sold by online Ad Networks at relatively low CPMs . So publishers need to innovate and offer advertisers programs incorporating Content Marketing elements (branded content, editorial, app sponsorships etc.).  will be introducing vertical sites targeting Business and Education over the next year. These verticals will be fed with evergreen content and how-to articles. Voxxi.com will be the umbrella site for these verticals. Sanchez adds that to produce more local content is another strategy going forward. “We are thinking about producing more local content to target Hispanics in the top markets of California, New York,, Florida, Texas and Illinois.”

Content Syndication

Sanchez thinks that another revenue stream can be found in producing Hispanic specific English-language content and syndicate it to English-language media properties. Voxxi had traffic of 500,000 unique users/month during the last months of 2012.