RECMA (Research Company evaluating the Media Agency industry) just released the Compitches 2009-2007 rankings. The study tries to determine the competitiveness and success in new business acquisitions of advertising agencies.

Agencies are ranked with grades from C to A+, by country then at a regional and finally global level. This research compiles over 2000 account moves from 297 media agencies in 26 countries. Additional to the 14 network rankings, Recma ranks the six groups of networks in 2009 and over the three years.

The information obtained by Recma was checked with the agencies. The company contacted the 289 assessed agencies between November and December 2009 and sent them a first draft of their Compitches table.

According to the table below, globally the ranking is led by OMD, followed by MEC and StarcomMediaVest. In the Americas (6 countries: US, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and Chile) MPG is the leader followed by Starcom Media Vest and MEC.

Global Ranking Recma

Source: RECMA


Recma is a Paris-based independent research company established in 1991 with offices in France, UK, USA and Asia. The company produces the global ranking with information from each individual country where it produces domestic reports including a multi-criteria Consolidated Evaluation. 2000 account moves gathering all departures and wins across 20 countries are considered for the study.

The domestic reports feeding the report are from USA, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Russia, South Africa, India, China, Australia. These countries all together represent over 73% of the advertising investments worldwide.


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