Portada Quick Hits

»  Newspaper FSI’s held up relatively well last year amidst the general market decline of print advertising. However, this Poynter Org Column argues that printed inserts/coupons may be dwarfed by digital coupons. For now, online start-ups are trying to grab a piece of the action but make up only a tiny half a percent share of redemptions, so far. Well, that is how the classified business started to go from print to online a decade ago…

»  After Murdoch and other newspaper companies are looking into how to charge Google and other search engines for displaying their content. Last week Telefonica (NYSE:TEF) , the largest telecom company in the Spanish speaking world, said that it is considering considering plans to charge search engines including Google and Yahoo for the bandwith they consume across the network. Speaking in Bilbao, Telefonica President Cesar Alierta suggested that major search organisations were benefitting from significant amounts of free bandwidth to the cost of telecoms providers. (read more at The Next Web).

»  More on the above: Reuters reports, that Spain's government said on Monday it would be open to the possibility of internet service providers such as Telefonica charging search engines like Google (GOOG.O) a fee.

»  The worst may be over for the decline in newsstand sales, according to this column published in Folio.

» Chilean online Trade Mag “Observatorio de medios” publishes an interesting story about the return of Christian Edwards, former top exec at the New York Times International division, to his family newspaper El Mercurio. Read here (in Spanish).