• Custom-Select Spanish-Speaking Businesses

With the Custom-Select Spanish-Speaking Business list, you will be reaching companies that identify Spanish as their main language. The owner of the company has purchased products from a Spanish language advertisement or telemarketing offer or has indicated Spanish as their main language on their business registration. The Existing Businesses are Spanish-language businesses that have been in existence but have made a purchase or have been telephone verified in the time period specified.

Selects: 484,341Universe

  • Hispanic Churches

These direct mail responsive churches, of Tri-Media's Church List, have indicated that they have a Spanish ministry, have purchased Spanish resources or have an Hispanic surname. Churches in predominately Hispanic areas can also be selected – based on 2000 census data. This list is address corrected several times per year and is deduped for accuracy.

Selects: 16,974 Universe

  • LA BUENA VIDA – Hispanic Retail Shoppers

Hispanic Retail Shoppers are a prime target as their purchasing power is growing in the U.S. Hispanic Retail Shoppers have become prime targets for online shopping, couponing and retail traffic building.. These Hispanic Retail Shoppers have registered both for in-store promotions and on retail web-sites. Areas of shopping interest range from apparel and home goods to grocery stores, all located on a variety of specialty sites. This Hispanic Retail Shoppers segmentation allows marketers the opportunity to target Hispanics by Origin as well. These buyers and shoppers are promotionally responsive Hispanic consumers who are also one of the most loyal groups of consumers. These Hispanic shoppers respond very well to coupons, discounts and loyalty programs/offers. This database is available with 100% email address.

Selects: 5.000.000 Universe

  • Amerilist Viva Hispanic Community

AmeriList VIVA Hispanic Community Power allows you to communicate with over 3 million highly responsive Hispanics who can be targeted based on socioeconomic status, language preference, and hispanicity level categories.  These 100% opt-in email Hispanic consumers are eager to receive information from 3rd party mailers and have provided detailed information about their buying behavior and patterns, lifestyle interests and preferences.

Selects: 5,472,199 Universe

  • HISPANIC Magazine

These affluent, powerful, bicultural readers rely on HISPANIC Magazineto keep them abreast of day-to-day happenings in the lives of influential Hispanic leaders and personalities who have made it to the top. The subscribers to HISPANIC Magazineare executive men and women, age 35+ who are homeowners and parents with an average houshold income of $85,000. HISPANIC Magazinesubscribers should respond well to offers of: travel, financial, family, entertainment, apparel, targeted newsletters, museums, fundraising and the arts.

Selects: 116,317 Universe

  • Hispanic American Masterfile

The Hispanic American Masterfile can be used in combination with available selections to create a tailored made list that best suits the mailer’s offer. Or choose from highly targeted lists from within the Hispanic American database that can also be combined with any selection(s) to ensure that the offer reaches qualified and responsive prospects.

Selects: 12,786,736 Universe

  • Hispanics Living in America

Hispanics Living in America database represents about 31% of the population living in America. Hispanics living in America are the fastest growing ethnic minority in the United States with a buying power estimated to top 1 trillion dollars by 2050. You can tap into that growing disposable income by custom targeting Hispanics living in America by income and lifestyle, language preference, social interests, and even product preferences. Hispanics Living in America database is sourced from our VoterBase, and online at QuePasa.com/survey, Telemundo.com/survey, and El Corazon.com, as well as a multitude of do-it-yourself brick and mortar locations.

Selects: 14,000,000 Universe

  • Hispanic Index

This database links business owner information, such as revenues and NAICS classification of business, with estimated home value, income, and over 200 demographic attributes. Used with the Hispanic Indicator and Index, it creates a powerful tool for targeting your direct marketing specifically to Hispanic business owners at their residences, where you are most likely to get their attention with your message.

Selects: 16,000,000 Universe

  • Hispanic List Accountants

This List of Accountants are Hispanic by Ethnicity. They can be selected by Spanish Speaking Hispanics or by any Particular Type of Hispanic Ethnic Group, including a wide variety of countries. Lifestyle Selections are also available making the list perfect for anyone looking for any type of Hispanic Accountants

Selects: 7,489 Universe

  • Hispanic List Mail Order Buyers

This is a List of  Hispanic Mail Order Buyers by Ethnicity. They can be selected by Spanish Speaking Hispanics or by any Particular Type of Hispanic Ethnic Group, including a wide variety of countries. Lifestyle Selections are also available making the list perfect for anyone looking for any type of Hispanic Mail Order Buyers.

Selects: 221,481 Universe

  • Hispanic Professionals from Statolutions

Target Hispanic Professionals either at their home or business address. Hispanics are an ethnically- and racially-diverse population. The Latino population is composed of Mexican Americans, Puerto Ricans, Cubans, Salvadorans and Dominicans. The number of Hispanic-owned businesses is rising dramatically. Approximately 43% of Hispanic-owned firms operate in construction, administrative support, waste management and remediation services, as well as other businesses, such as personal services and repair and maintenance. Retail and wholesale trade accounts for 36% of Hispanic-owned business revenue.

Selects: 13,606,530 Universe

  • HDHL Hispanic Business Owners

The HDHL HISPANIC BUSINESS OWNERS file enables marketers to reach an outstanding audience of direct mail prospects–business owners in the fast-growing Hispanic community who are key purchase decision makers.

Selects: 291,675 Universe

  • 2008 Election: Hispanic Voters

These Hispanic voters, whether Democrat, Republican, Independent, Liberal, Moderate or Conservative support candidates and causes that are in alignment with their own political beliefs. The block of Hispanic voters is weighing the positions of every candidate and evaluating, even up to the last moment in the voting booth, which policital candidates are worthy of their vote. Your political mailers have the opportunity to influence these Hispanic voters up until the last possible moment. Recommended Usage: Fundraising Appeals to Democratic/Liberal Political Offers, Republican/Conservative Political Offers, Hispanic Causes, Children’s Welfare, Religious Causes, Human Rights, Animal Welfare, Humanitarian Appeals, Environmental, Health Fundraising Appeals, Subscriptions, Books & Continuity Clubs, ethnic-related Offers, Family-oriented Offers, and Public TV Fundraisers

Selects: 155,254 Universe

  • Hispanic Americans Postal and E-mail

Reach America’s largest and fastest growing ethnic group. Target responsive Hispanic and Latino consumers to expand business opportunities and generate higher ROI. Customize your selection of Hispanic buyers by country of origin, age, household income, presence of children, or financial status. This audience has responded to client offers ranging from magazines, books, & educational products to apparel, music, gifts, insurance, telecommunications, home improvement and many more.

Selects: 8,026,289 Universe

  • Hispanic Americans Computer Owners and Mobs

A Product of Worldatabase II. Consumers on the HISPANIC AMERICAN COMPUTER OWNERS & MAIL ORDER BUYERS list are prime targets for a variety of offers. These responsive Hispanics have purchased a wide range of products. These consumers are active web surfers and are comfortable in the world of online shopping, research and Email communication. Reach the most responsive computer owning consumers within the Hispanic community. These men and women make frequent purchases by mail order, close to 40% have made multiple purchases in the past three months, which indicates they are active credit card users. Over 70% of these Hispanics own their own homes.

Selects: 413,492 Universe

  • Hispanic Household Masterfile

ACCULIST has identified 14+ million Hispanic households in the U.S. Hispanic households receive an average of 50 direct mail pieces per year, compared to 500 or more in the general population.  Hispanic consumers aren't as jaded as the general market and are much more likely to read and respond to direct mail.  Demographic data suggest that direct mail is the only effective marketing medium to access this lucrative market

Selects: 16,837,825 Universe

  • EMSI Hispanic Business Executives List

With the EMSI HISPANIC BUSINESS EXECUTIVES FILE, marketers can target an ideal audience of direct mail prospects – highly influential business owners and executives in companies under 100 employees.

Selects: 641,960 Universe

  • Votantes Influyentes (Influential Hispanic Voters) (E-Tech)

The "Votantes Influyentes (Influential Hispanic Voters)" list contains professionals with high-incomes. These "Votantes Influyentes (Influential Hispanic Voters)" are individuals who believe their voices can promote change within the community. Our EthniCenter Database selected these "Votantes Influyentes (Influential Hispanic Voters).” Its usage proves to be an excellent prospect for: Banking, Credit, Insurance, Mortgage, Investment, Cable, Home Improvement, Fundraising, Membership, Travel, Merchandise, Modeling, Political, Telemarketing, Telecommunications, Subscription and Entertainment offers.

Selects: 217,305 Universe

  • TM&S Hispanic Consumers

The TM&S database is comprised of partially and fully assimilated Hispanics, who are most comfortable thinking and speaking in Spanish. It is also comprised of U.S. born fully assimilated Hispanics who prefer and respond to English language offers. The file is recommended for mailers wanting to expand into the Hispanic market. U.S. Hispanics today are educated, internet savvy, and have  median incomes of $40,000. They enjoy music, sports, travel, reading, cell phones and are very family oriented. Hispanics are the fastest growing minority group in the U.S.

Selects: 16,019,757 Universe

  • Amerilist Elite Hispanic Database

This file is enriched with an assortment of affluent Hispanics, with solid purchasing power. These individuals are not like the everyday consumers, with an average income of 300k they can afford to maintain their extravagant lifestyles. Wealthy people are very diverse in their spending habits. They make investments in both business and personal related items. Elite Hispanics file is for marketers that are offering specialty foods, catalogs, entertainment, fundraising etc.

Selects: 11,857,111 Universe

  • Hispanic Consumer Source

Hispanic Consumer Source is a comprehensive database of US households that enables marketers to target Hispanic Consumers, including 2 million Spanish-speaking consumers.

Selects: 6,000,000 Universe


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