Market Intelligence Summit to Reveal Consumer Diversity and Growth

The 3rd Annual Multicultural Market Intelligence Summit, organized by Geoscape International, will take place October 25-28, 2006 in Miami. Geoscape will release up-to-date and definitive market data for American consumers such as population, housing and spending data.

Various other firms will present topics on a range of subjects such as the growth and prosperity of the Hispanic and Asian consumer segments and the influence of the black population to American culture. Key companies will present case studies showcasing experiences in the market-including Allstate Insurance, Albertsons, Americatel, Comcast, Goodyear, MTV Networks, Nestle and United Healthcare.

Workshops featuring a variety of influential companies such as retailers, direct marketers, media companies and marketing agencies will provide specific insights on what experience has shown corporate America about fast-growing consumer and business sectors. The event will attract senior level marketing, media and distribution executives throughout the nation and internationally, who seek to understand the state-of-the-art in marketing to an increasingly diverse American populace.