Lotus Entravision Reps (LER), the joint venture radio-sales rep firm representing more than 125 Spanish-language radio stations, today announced it has added two new top rated stations owned by MVS Radio, XOCL-FM/La Mejor and XGLX-FM/Exa in San Diego, to its portfolio.  

With these additions and its existing representation of Imagen Group's XLTN-FM/Radio Latina, LER now represents the top three Spanish-language radio stations in the San Diego market, the 14th largest Hispanic DMA in the U.S.  

"Through this partnership with MVS and our existing relationship with Imagen, we're now able to offer the most effective and focused way for national advertisers to reach the highly coveted Hispanic community in the San Diego region," said Phillip Woodie, President of LER. "We look forward to working with our new partners to further advance advertising opportunities on these leading stations."


The Stations

  • XOCL-FM 99.3/La Mejor is San Diego's Hispanic and Regional Mexican leader according to most recent Arbitron PPM data ratings. The station has also been named the "Top Ranked Spanish Language Station" in the market by Radionotas.
  • XGLX-FM 91.7/Exa is San Diego's Spanish Pop leader and the growing Spanish-language station in the first 8 months of PPM ratings.  
  • XLTN-FM 104.5/ Radio Latina is a true heritage radio property in San Diego and is the exclusive Spanish Contemporary station in the region.  

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