Less than 3% of $3.5 Billion Hispanic Ad Investment Spent on Interactive

Among the many findings that were presented at the Yahoo! Telemundo “Conexion Cultural” Conference were the data showing that less than 3% of the $3.5 billion spent annually on Hispanic marketing are spent on interactive advertising. This figure stands in stark contrast to soaring Hispanic digital media consumption.

The research showed that due to “Media-meshing,” such as listening to the radio while Online, Hispanics are spending 27.5 hours per day consuming print, online, mobile and broadcast media, and using technology such as cell phones, PDAs, etc.

The research also showed what most in Hispanic marketing already know: that Hispanics are much more sophisticated with regard to their mobile media consumption. In a study that looked at Hispanic and general population cell phone usage over a period of 30 days:

  • 67% of Hispanics surveyed had text-messaged compared to 38% of the general population.
  • 61% of Hispanics took photos compared to 27% of the general population.
  •  25% of Hispanics had downloaded ringtones compared to under 10% of the general population.