Jeff Valdez: “There are opportunities in out of home marketing and in content”

Portada: Can you explain your content creation strategy?

Jeff Valdez: Maya acquires 60-70 films for DVD and VOD distribution per annum.Maya also produces 2-4 narrative feature films for theatrical or TV distribution per year.


P: We understand that you own and operate a theatre network. Do you have a vertical integration strategy?

J.V.: Maya Cinemas is a sister company that provides theatrical distribution for the various Maya theatrical releases.


P: In terms of in-home movie distribution. Which are the most important ways of distributing movies (e.g. cable etc.) and what is Maya¹s strategy here?

J.V.: Maya embraces a multi-platform approach which is our current and future plans. As distribution has changed so must content creators in their approach. There are no more walled gardens but rather a multi-facted approach Maya has created a footprint in the traditional DVD rental and retail market and at the same time is embracing the future VOD. Maya recently signed with TVN, InDemand, Netflix and Lodgenet giving it access to over 48MM homes.


P: Is some of your content also advertising supported or always 100% end user (pay per view)?

J.V.: At this point all of our content is transactional but as we grow we hope to roll out a Free VOD strategy.

P: Do you have a figure for the amount of downloads Video on Demand has in the general market? How many in the Hispanic market? Growth figures?

J.V.: I only know that the in demand category is predicted to grow from $600 million to $2.1 billion in the next 4 years).


P: You are a serial entrepreneur. In what areas do you see opportunities in the Latin- Hispanic media and entertainment space?

J.V.: I believe there are opportunities in out of home marketing as well as as in content. There is a growing Latino population that will have a desire to consume relevant content.


P: In what is lack of credit being an obstacle to new financing?

J.V.: Access to capital is critical to any kind of growth for any company. I'm optimistic that there is a thaw in the Latino category starting to happen as people see the opportunity in this market and in some cases needs to re-strategize on how to capture the market in order to survive.