Insight Research's market analysis study, "US Hispanic Use of Telecommunications Services 2009-2014," takes a close look at the purchasing habits and telecommunications usage patterns of the Hispanic segment of the US population. The study emphasizes that the US Latino market tends to over-index in mobile content consumption. The study further reports that 64.2 percent of all Hispanic respondents now have cell phones, that Hispanics' average monthly household expenditures on cell phone service was more than 55 percent higher than the average household spend on wireline services, and that they are avid users of mobile phone technology.

"US Hispanic Use of Telecommunication Services 2009-2014" examines spending and usage patterns of US Hispanics for wireline, calling cards, cellular, and pre-paid cellular services, and compares these spending patterns to those of the general population as well as other minority segments, including Asian-Americans and African-Americans.
Source: Smart Brief

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