Hispanic PR Wire Launches “Interactivo Release”

Hispanic PR Wire has introduced its new search engine-optimized tool, “Interactivo Release,” a feature-rich press release format that allows clients to include photos and other supplemental information in the press release.

“What we've done is moved beyond the traditional press release and enhanced it for the Web 2.0 environment,” says Natalia Flores, corporate communications manager at HPRW. “Increasingly, press releases are appearing in search queries, meaning that more and more consumers are viewing the releases. This new format makes the releases more accessible to professionals and consumers, and enhances the overall experience.

Other features of Interactivo Release include editorial-style pulled quotes that appear in separate boxes set within the text for emphasis, the company logo at the top of the release, and screenshots of the company's website.

HPRW guarantees posting on over 80 of HPRW's partner sites. Interactivo Release is available as a $125 basic and $250 premium add-on to any geographic distribution.