In challenging economic times, Advertisers want to move the sales needle more than ever. This is why the direct response media industry is currently thriving. Call centers are one beneficiary of this trend. Listen Up Español, the U.S. Hispanic call center specializing in Direct Response Television (DRTV) campaigns, e.g. infomercials, recently expanded its facility in Hermosillo, Mexico, to 550 seats. Listen Up Español has over 1,000 employees in Hermosillo. It an accommodate over 900 agents as it operatos on Live Ops platforms “Today the clients consist of Direct Response clients who put response based media on TV and need a call center to answer the phones and deliver a high efficiency of calls answered (service levels on spike-based calls), high rate of conversions to leads or sales”, sources at  Listen Up Español tell Portada.

The clients (Direct TV Advertisers):

“We currently take calls for many products including kitchen (Ronco products, Magic Bullet, Jack Lalanne juicer, and more), exercise & fitness (Ab Flyer, Air Climber, Beach Body, Turbo Jam, Ab Rocket, and more), educational, nutriceutical (Iceland Health, Omega III, Joint Relief, Prosvent, Flex Relief, Cylapril), and household (Dual Saw, Tronix). Also LUE takes the calls for several charities — business that is transaction based.”

Listen Up Espanol is self funded by Revenue Enhancement Consultants. Revenue Enhancement Consultants is owned by Tony Ricciardi and Craig Handley.

Portada Staff

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