Q&A with Laura Lentz, President of Latino Family Media, a California-based Grassroots Event Marketing Company…

Portada: How many events do you hold countrywide per year?

Lentz: We have held our own events in the past and still put on events for our clients, but only when it fits into a larger part of their marketing and Public relations plan.  Mostly, we attend events that are already in existence. We develop customized programs for clients and bring them to established community events and venues.  Basically, we consider our Event program as one that conducts Brand focused events within Community events, keeping our clients costs to a minimum and giving them extraordinary reach with relevant messaging.  We have been known to attend 35 events in eight U.S. Hispanic markets in one weekend with relevant brand messaging, offering our clients millions of personal impressions that can’t be offered through any broadcast medium.

Portada: How many people attend your events annually?

We don't create our own events, and attendance of events varies from market to market, with Los Angeles having the highest attendance numbers of community-based events in Hispanic neighborhoods.

Portada: How does Hispanic event marketing connect with Hispanics in ways that traditional media do not?

Lentz: Through Hispanic grassroots event marketing you achieve a one on one interaction that does not occur in a mass media platform.  It’s a critical part of the overall Hispanic media piece.  At events, you have the opportunity to engage the potential consumer, answer his/her questions and address his/her concerns about your product or service.  In addition, LFM has trained bilingual Brand Advocates, and we take messaging to a new level, with extensive product training and engagement with product prior to presenting the product or service to the market.  Companies tend to spend money on tents, creative, samples, coupons and forget the most critical element – who is speaking about the brand and how are they engaging with your customer?  Is that person trained properly and well paid?  Has she used the product and does she have the full understanding of the brand?  We make sure this is in place and our clients understand how critical this piece is to their Event Marketing. The best event, the most beautiful tents and good creative mean nothing if you have someone sitting in a chair and not engaging with customers. You’ve just wasted all your event marketing dollars.

Portada: Do any of your advertising partners sponsor events in all of your markets?

Lentz: In many Hispanic markets throughout the U.S. we have represented our clients. We basically conduct events in the largest U.S. Hispanic markets as well as emerging U.S. Hispanic markets.  Most of the U.S. brands we work with have specific market initiatives for product launches.  West of the Rockies is the most popular. The chosen markets depend upon Hispanic retail store support and their overall marketing strategies. 

Portada: Tell us about the publication you produce, Familia Latina:

Lentz: Familia Latina was a magazine established in 1998 to serve the Hispanic community in S. California with pertinent information on health education and resources available to them. Currently our magazine is undergoing a re-design and should be back in publication this spring. Independently, the magazine brought valuable information to recently immigrated Hispanics, in an effort to help them become more assimilated with their new country. Contact info for organizations they might be interested in, health tips, etc.

Portada: How does the publication tie into your events?

When in publication we promote our client's events in the magazine.

Portada: How do you structure pricing for participation in these events?

Lentz: We are sensitive to our client’s budgets and work to achieve a high reach, quality interaction and presentation offering the best ROI possible.

Portada: Who are your biggest advertisers and what sorts of creative event marketing do they do?

Lentz: We have handled Community-based marketing for many brands at  P&G and General Mills.  We also have smaller clients and work with emerging brands and health providers.  We sign confidentiality agreements with our clients as we conduct ground-breaking community-based marketing programs that also include other relevant environments outside of typical community events – such as Laundromats, Community Centers, Health Providers and Beauty Salons. 


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