ADS provides direct-to-door advertising and marketing services, has expanded the responsibilities of Hispanic MPM to generate sales in the Hispanic market nationwide from a previous arrangement of representation on the West Coast. The new economic challenges has obligated marketers to concentrate on media solutions that command a strong ROI / increase in sales, requiring ADS Direct Media to dedicate more resources to this upswing in the demand for its front door marketing services. Direct Media, a company that

Miguel A. Sanchez, founder of Hispanic MPM, sees this expanded relationship as a great opportunity – “after experiencing a series of magazine closures in 2008 and 2009, we welcome this opportunity to inform our clients coast to coast of the highly targeted front door marketing capabilities from ADS.” Roberto Sroka, Sanchez’s partner agrees, adding, “we hope to see the same demand trends as in the general market despite the fact that front door marketing is not widely used in the arsenal of media available to agencies targeting the Hispanic consumer”. 


Portada Staff

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