UPDATE: Will the Poder – Hispanic magazine merger work? On the Pursuit of Major Latin Business Media

Televisa Publishing and Digital announced that it is merging its PODER Enterprise and Hispanic magazines to create PODER Hispanic, a Hispanic-focused business and lifestyle publication. (Two weeks ago we reported that Televisa folded Hispanic Magazine).

With this merger PODER Hispanic will increase circulation from 125,000 to 400,000. According to the announcement, PODER Hispanic will be by far the most important magazine reaching Hispanic leaders, doubling its total annual circulation from 1.2 million to 2.4 million copies (to read the press release, click here).

Carlos Pelay, CEO at Media Economics Group, tells Portada that the decision to combine the two magazines' circulation is “interesting”. Pelay adds that Poder and Hispanic are two very different magazines with different audiences. While Hispanic Magazine reaches a cross-section of upscale Hispanic Americans from students to professionals, Poder tends to reach a more upscale, mostly Florida based audience, which often has strong links to Latin America.

Update: Televisa Publishing & Digital's primary and secondary research indicated that Hispanic Magazine readers wanted more of a business focused content with 67.2% of Hispanic Magazine readers wanting more editorial content pertaining to world and local , 53% wanting more business editorial, and 48.3% wanting more information on politics. “We came to the conclusion that Poder Enterprise’s editorial breakdown satisfied those needs plus provided sections dedicated to lifestyle editorial which both magazine readers were accustomed to enjoying” said  Sergio Carrera,  Managing Director for Televisa Publishing & Digital. Both magazines also have had a mostly different advertiser base. Nicolas Ibarguen, publisher of Poder Hispanic, tells Portada that “the duplication ratio between Poder Advertisers and Hispanic Magazine advertisers is low."

Increased Circ, lower CPM

The CPM for the new publication is going to be lower than the one that was charged by the two publications independently. Full page per the new rate card is going to cost $29,000 (CPM $72.5). According to Ibarguen, “ the categories interested in reaching the Hispanic Business community are expanding fast. With a larger circulation we will be able to reach companies interested in reaching a broader audience.”

Category leader Hispanic Business magazine has a circulation 250,000 (BPA audited) which is divided in one national edition and 5 regional editions (California, Texas, Midwest, Northeast and Florida). Hispanic Business Media claims a total audience (Magazine, several websites, Events) of 2.8 million.

Latin American editions

Poder will continue to publish separate editions for the Miami, Mexico, Columbian and Peruvian markets. The Latin American editions are written in Spanish, while the Miami Poder editions and the new Poder Hispanic are written in English.