How many video/music downloads does facilitate per month? has seen an explosion in online consumption of video on our website.  Currently, averages nearly 13 million video streams per month.

What content providers do you work with on the audio/visual side of things? has a wide array of providers.  We work with approximately 100 content partners. Our video content partners include music labels (music videos), movie studios (trailers and junkets), professional video agencies and independent producers that have seized the opportunity to produce for online. In addition to these providers, has a robust video offering within our company.  We deploy video from all Univision affiliates, use segments from Univision programming, and have a dedicated online video staff that produces and shoots videos for the website.    

Do you use different providers for each?  Yes, uses a very diverse pool of providers, including traditional wire services, video agencies and independent organizations.

What trends do you see in terms of user content preferences?  

All types of media assets are in high demand.  

Which areas are rapidly growing?

There is demand for all types of video content, especially entertainment videos.

What percentage of content is produced in-house vs. sourced from other providers?  

A large percentage of our content is produced and adapted in-house.  We also obtain content from other providers.


How many journalists do you have in-house? 

Our online multimedia producers narrate using all available media assets. They write the copy, and include relevant photos, video, audio, info graphics, etc. We have multimedia producers across our U.S. offices, as well as a bureau in Mexico.   

What effect has Mexican Immigration affected web traffic? 

While we recognize the number of Mexican and Mexican Americans that make up the majority of U.S. Hispanics, offers content that is relevant for all of our audiences, recognizing the diversity of this rapidly growing population. We appeal and generate traffic from U.S. Hispanics with cultural ties throughout Latin America.

What effect has immigration had on the type of advertising that Univision Online is drawing? recognizes that 78%2 percent of Hispanics speak Spanish. We offer content that is innovative and culturally relevant to Hispanic Americans, regardless of their proficiency in English. Overall, Spanish-speaking Hispanics have higher ad engagement than others consequently making a premier outlet for advertisers. 

Are you seeing Mexican advertisers targeting Mexican Americans through your portal or other advertisers specifically targeting this market?  

We have a number of Mexican advertisers, many of which are among the top 30 Mexican exporters to the U.S market.  They see as an excellent vehicle for their campaigns when tied to cross platform projects. Overall, has seen a growth in Spanish-language advertisers due to the high volume of visitors we attract. is the #1 most-visited Spanish-language website among U.S. Hispanics3 for the 7th year in a row.4 It attracted more than 17 million unique browsers, 38 million visits5 and generated nearly 13 million video streams in May. 1   


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3.  2008 – Forrester Research Custom Study.  Results are based on a national telephone survey among   non- Hispanic and Hispanic internet users.

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