U.S. Hispanics Flock to Online Travel Sites, Advertisers Take Notice

According to Michele Azan, Vice President of Sales at Terra Networks, a full 50% of Hispanics making travel plans do so online. This statistic has not escaped marketers eager to attract business from this increasingly mobile- and affluent- segment of society.

“Given the propensity of Hispanics to travel, both domestically and internationally, along with the above average household income of the Hispanic online user, it's not surprising that travel marketers are targeting Hispanic consumers online,” says Azan.

The online ad-categories experiencing the greatest amount of growth are the automotive, financial, and travel industries, though it is hard to accurately gauge the relative rate of growth due to the lack of reliable measurement indices.

As for the consumer demographic of those patronizing online travel sites, it is overwhelmingly Mexican, due to the sheer number of Mexican-Americans residing here in the U.S. “We also have broad representation from the Caribbean and other Latin American countries,” Notes Terra Networks' Michele Azan.