Two West Buys CHE Creative to Form Two West Latino.

Kansas City-based branding and communications company Two West has purchased the CHE Creative brand from founder and President Nicholas Segura. As part of the deal, Segura will take the reigns of Vice President in the newly-created Two West Latino.

Founded in 2004, CHE Creative was a marketing and creative agency focused exclusively on the growing Hispanic market, which now numbers approximately 150,000, with an estimated purchasing power of about $2 Billion.

Segura adopted the “CHE” name after the revolutionary Che Guevara to represent his company's revolutionary approach to Hispanic advertsing. “At the time, much of Hispanic marketing was limited to mere translations of English-language copy. Anyone who knows the market knows that translating text and adding a few brown faces is not going to resonate with the Hispanic consumer.”

With the acquisition of Che Creative, Two West also acquires Segura's old clients and ones which he is currently working to secure, which include everything from telecommunications companies to banks and hospitals. Segura describes Two West Latino's client base as a mix of national and local advertisers.

As for preferred delivery mechanisms, Segura says, “Well that really depends on the product and the market segment that is being targeted. For a country-club bank, we would probably place in a bilingual or general-market publication which appeals to more affluent, acculturated Hispanics.” Conversely, if they are targeting a less-acculturated Hispanic audience, they tend toward a vehicle like Univision, which has broader appeal among Spanish-dominant audiences.

Currently the Kansas City Hispanic population is experiencing what Segura describes as “dramatic growth: with Mexicans accounting for 8.9% and Puerto Ricans 8.6% of the total population.

“So there is no shortage of development opportunities in the Hispanic market,” says Segura. “Two West saw this as well, and that is really how this agreement materialized.”