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Todobebe Launches Huge Media Campaign

“Viva la Familia Fiestas” to produce over 30 million impressions via direct mail, TV, radio and online, between now and summer. A partnership with Nielsen has been established to verify the scope of the campaign. P&G’s Pampers has signed on as a sponsor,


Todobebe is in the midst of a massive integrated campaign in support of its “Viva la Familia Fiestas,” a one-day event to honor Hispanic families.

On the day of the event, April 26, 2008, 10,000 celebrating moms will hold simultaneous parties for over 100,000 of their friends and family members. Together, the united parents will create the largest known party held on a single day in over 150 cities, specifically dedicated to celebrating the Hispanic family.

“The parties will be held in 10,000 homes in over 150 cities across the country,” Todobebe’s COO Cynthia Nelson told Portada. Todobebe has teamed up with media research company Nielsen to help measure attendance. “We’ll be conducting an on-line survey to the 10,000 hosts of the party,” says Nelson. “We will be using that survey to gather the attendance at the parties along with asking a number of other qualitative and attitudinal questions of the hosts. We will be using a Nielsen software program that is designed for this type of on-line study.”

Online the whole Viva la Familia site which is housed within the new platform (Feb 08), will include sponsor branding, downloadable activities, brand integration in all messaging to hosts, downloadable shopping lists, gift cards, special sweepstakes, etc

So far, P&G’s Pampers brand has signed on as an event sponsor, with several more to follow, according to Nelson. As part of the campaign, the company is running a sixty-day promotional blitz via national TV, radio DJ endorsements, online promotions and direct mail.

“Our direct marketing component is a specially branded door hanger delivered to 500k consumers in the top Hispanic DMA’s.  We are able to watch ‘live’ as these door-hangers are being delivered via a virtual screen.  This allows us to monitor at the street level which HH’s are being delivered to in exactly what neighborhoods.  The demographic is high Hispanic DMA’s which means Spanish speaking families with children in the home,” says Nelson.

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